Answers to questions about our cards and the functionality of the service are in one place.

How to get started?

Register on the website, go through a short onboarding with the help of a manager in Telegram, top up your balance, and issue the required number of virtual cards.

What is onboarding on AdPay?

This is an introduction to the service's capabilities: the AdPay manager will ask you a few clarifying questions and provide a short recommendation on how to use the AdPay service effectively according to your needs.

How to top up the service balance?

Available deposit methods: cryptocurrency (USDT/BTC/ETH/LTC).

What are the working hours of the customer support?

From 9:00 to 21:00 Kyiv time.

What are the GEOs of virtual cards?

Issuing countries: Great Britain, Hong Kong. AdPay cards can be linked to accounts of any GEO.

How many cards can I issue?

You can choose the option to issue one or several cards at once:

1. To issue one card, click on the “New Card” button.

2. To issue several cards at the same time, use the “Multiple cards” button.

For BINs #54054200, #54054255, #53609700, #53506787, #53342800, #53420400, #436797 the minimum amount on the card for issue is $30.

Can I transfer money from card to card?

Yes, you can close/freeze the card and issue a new one - either with the same amount of balance or with any amount within your budget.

Are your cards suitable for first-time billing?

No, it is completely forbidden to perform first-time billing. In case of its detection or a request from the bank, your account will be blocked. 

We detect first-bills using the decline rate, which you can see in your personal account.

How do decline rates work in AdPay?

You can monitor the decline rate in real time in your AdPay account.

AdPay also has fees for declined transactions, you can find out more about them from support. 

If the decline rate is higher than 15% and this figure remains for more than 48 hours, your account is NOT blocked.

Restrictions if the decline rate is higher than 15%: the card cannot be blocked/stopped and the limit cannot be reduced. You will also not be able to withdraw funds.

It is worth noting that you do not need to wait 72 hours after the last transaction to block the card, zero declines are not included in the decline rate.

What services other than Facebook/Google/TikTok can I pay for?

You can pay with AdPay cards for Steam, Spotify, Apple Music, proxies, hosting, and a number of other services: contact support and we will check if payment for a particular service is possible.

Are my Facebook/Google accounts at risk after linking?

No, the cards have been tested for compatibility with Facebook/Google and work stably.

Do I have to pay a monthly card maintenance fee if the card was issued last month but continues to be active in the next month?

Yes, a monthly service fee of $2 is charged for all cards.

Are cards with a negative balance blocked?

Yes. If the user has a negative Total Balance, their cards will be automatically blocked and the money from them will be transferred to the balance.

The cards will be blocked until the total balance becomes positive or equal to 0. If the Total Balance becomes positive during the blocking, the blocking of the cards is stopped.

For example: you have a negative balance, 5 active cards out of 10 have been blocked, and after they are blocked, your balance becomes positive. This means that the blocking will stop on these 5 cards.

If you have 5 cards blocked and your balance is still negative, your cards will be blocked one by one until your balance becomes positive or until all cards are blocked.

What is the transaction fee?

Here you can see the fee for 1 successful transaction: 

BIN 532237
< $25 = $0,35 ; > $25 = $0,25

BIN 511023
< $50 = $0,6 ; > $50 = $0,15

BIN 436797
< $25 = $0,5 ; > 25$ < 50$ = $0,30 ; > $50 = $0,15

BIN 54054200 і 54054255

< $50 = $0.30

> $50 = $0.15

Is it possible to create a chat with a team, company, or employees?

That is available for teams with large volumes of spendings. 

After registration, you will immediately have access to a chat in Telegram @adpay_support_bot with AdPay support managers.

Is the team balance general or separate for each buyer?

The balance of your team is shared, you can keep track of expenses separately for each buyer and card, and you can also set limits on expenses for each buyer.

How do I get special conditions?

To get special conditions, you need to provide proof that your personal or team's money spending is equal to or exceeds $100,000 per month.

This can be done via t.me/adpay_support_bot.

Then you will receive special prices and VIP support from AdPay. 

If you are not yet registered, please go through the registration and onboarding process at t.me/adpay_support_bot → confirm the amount of the sponsorship → get individual conditions.

Will my deposit be credited if it has a high AML level?

Your deposit may be credited on an exceptional basis. In the case of repeated deposits with a high AML level, we may freeze your funds until we obtain the necessary information, including:

- Information about the origin of the funds;

- The name of the service from which the transaction was made;

- The purpose of the transaction;

- Full names of the transaction participants.

To avoid such situations, we kindly request that you refrain from using exchanges associated with sanctioned services such as Hydra and Tornado, as well as any services related to the DarkNet.

Please review the list of exchanges you can use to conduct operations on our service:

- Coinbase

- Kraken

- Bitstamp

- Gemini

- Binance

- BitFlyer

- Bitfinex

- Huobi (HTX)

- OKEx (OKX)


- Gate.io

- UpHold

- Bybit

- BitGet

How does the referral program work?

Every user has a personal referral link and code, which are available on the "Referral Program" page.

To invite partners and clients, follow these steps:

1) Share your referral code or link.

2) Your partner needs to follow your referral link or enter your referral code during registration.

3) Then your partner have to complete onboarding and fund their account.

4) You receive 0.3% from each of your partner's deposits. Funds are automatically credited to your referral balance. You can track the profit from the referral program on the "Referral Program" page.

Can I withdraw the funds earned in the referral program?

Yes, you can withdraw funds from the referral balance to the balance of one of the banks. To do this, on the "Referral Program" page, click the "Transfer to Balance" button, enter the necessary amount, and choose the balance of one of the banks.

How does the general balance work?

For Bank 1 (BINs: #436797, #54054200, #54054255, #53342800, #53420400, #53609700, #53506787), we have kept the option to use the old system where cards are issued with limits ranging from $30 to $50k.

The general balance is available only for Bank 2. Cards with BIN #532237 are issued with a maximum limit of $6000 per card. All card transactions are debited from your bank balance.

What are the balances available in a user's account?

A user has the following balances:

1) General Balance - the total amount of funds available on your account.

2) Bank 1 Balance - the total amount of funds available in the bank balance (BINs: #436797, #54054200, #54054255, #53342800, #53420400, #53609700, #53506787).

Card Balance - the total amount of funds available on Bank 1 cards.

Available Balance - the amount of funds available in Bank 1 for withdrawal/issuing cards/increasing card limits.

3) Bank 2 Balance - the total amount of funds available in the bank balance with BIN #532237.

How does Auto Refill work?

Auto Refill is a convenient way to manage your card limits. You no longer need to manually monitor the funds on your card – just timely replenish your account balance. You can set up Auto Refill for one or several cards at the same time.

When you enable Auto Refill, you set a "Threshold" – the card limit at which Auto Refill activates, and a "Refill Amount" – the amount by which the card limit increases once the set threshold is reached.

The minimum amount for setting the “Threshold” and “Refill Amount” is $30.

This ensures that your cards always have the necessary limit for your needs.

Auto Refill available for BINs: #54054200, #54054255, #53609700, #53506787, #53342800, #53420400, #436797

How to enable Auto Refill?

You can choose one of two methods:

1. Select a card, click on the three dots next to it, and choose "Auto Refill".

2. Check one or more cards, then click the "Auto Refill" button.

How to disable Auto Refill?

You can choose one of two methods:

1. Select the card, click on the three dots next to it, and choose "Auto Refil", then turn off the slider switch and confirm your actions.

2. Check one or more cards, then press the "Auto Refil" button, after which turn off the slider switch and confirm your actions.